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Not Your Mother's Parquet

Many people think parquet became “meh” awhile back, but parquet is still popular today and there are many reasons to look at parquet when deciding on new flooring.

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Top 6 Hardwood Trends for 2018

A lot is going on in the wood flooring industry right now. We know that trends seem to come and go, but here are the top 6 hardwood flooring trends for 2018 that will be well worth the investment!

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Why You Should Have Carpet in Your Bedroom

Carpets can bring amazing benefits to your household. With flooring being one of the biggest decisions homeowners have to make, here are a few reasons why carpet should be the flooring choice for your bedrooms.

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Help Make The World A Little Greener

Nowadays there are countless flooring options that are perfect for your home. You can make the world a littler greener place by selecting flooring options that are environmentally friendly. Do your part to reduce harmful impacts on the environment with eco-friendly flooring.

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8 Reasons You Should Install Vinyl Flooring Your Home

With options like hardwood floors, tile, laminate flooring, carpet and more, the decision of new flooring can quickly become overwhelming. However, one option that seems to outlast all the others is vinyl flooring.

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Is It Time to Get Your Flooring On

Here Are a Few New Flooring Options For You

It can be overwhelming with the seemingly endless possibilities, combinations and styles to consider when selecting new flooring for your home. Deciding which flooring options can be very difficult to do. Understanding how each flooring product will bring out certain attributes of your home can immensely aid in narrowing down the vast selection.

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