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How to Use Area Rugs

area rug San Antonio, TX

Let’s face it: when designing a new room or home, choosing an area rug seems like a rather insignificant task. But, we at Hicks Carpet One are here to tell you that making the right choice is definitely more important than it seems. Fortunately, we have you covered when it comes to area rugs, so be sure to visit our San Antonio, TX store and let our experts help you determine the best way to use an area rug!

Center of Room

The most popular place for a new area rug is in the center of a room. An area rug, especially when it goes well with furniture and floors, seems to bring an entire design together. Large area rugs are best for the center of rooms.      


Given that there is usually significant foot traffic in hallways, the floors, especially if they are hardwood, are somewhat vulnerable. An area rug can definitely protect the flooring underneath by limiting the impact of foot traffic. Given the narrowness of most hallways, runner rugs are the best bet. 

Doors and Entrances

Smaller area rugs can actually serve as stylish door mats. By putting them near doors and other entrances, you can help keep dirt and moisture off of your floors. We recommend using synthetic rugs as door mats, since they are more affordable and more stain resistant.