Hardwood Maintenance

Keep your hardwood floor looking as good as new!

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

cleaning hardwood floors San Antonio, TX

Choosing a hardwood floor is a great way to add style and value to your home. Hardwood has a natural beauty that other flooring types simply cannot replicate. But, with a new hardwood floor comes new responsibilities. The floor, after all, needs to be maintained to ensure that its style and luxury are long-lasting. That said, you shouldn’t worry about hardwood maintenance. In fact, we at Hicks Carpet One are here to tell you that cleaning hardwood floors isn’t much of a hassle at all!

To keep your hardwood floor looking new, be sure to sweep the surface every day. Sweeping will remove dust and dirt from the surface, and this is important because dust and dirt can often result in scratches. Also, every week it might be helpful to use a dry mop with a specialized treatment approved by the manufacturer. Dry mopping helps keep the surface free from anything that remains after routine sweeping.

If, however, you notice that the surface of your hardwood floor is dull and scratched, your floor may need to be refinished. Click here to learn more about hardwood refinishing!

Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips that will help you maintain your hardwood floor:

-avoid walking on the floor with dirty and/or wet shoes

-try not to have liquids (such as drinks) near your floor

-do not drag furniture over the floor’s surface

-choose a window treatment to avoid direct sunlight

Be sure to visit Hicks Carpet One in San Antonio, TX to learn more about hardwood maintenance.