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Commercial settings such as offices, retail stores, and warehouses are certainly different than residential settings. There are different traffic patterns and moisture levels, for example. Given these differences, it makes sense that residential and commercial flooring are different as well. How, exactly?

In commercial settings, performance is more important than style. Commercial floors need to be strong, stable, and stain resistant, largely to combat heavy foot traffic and an increased potential for spills and stains. Carpet isn’t always the best option for commercial settings, but there are certain commercial carpets available that are built with performance in mind. These carpets are usually not as soft and comfortable underfoot; rather, they are stronger and more rigid to handle foot traffic. Moreover, commercial carpets are easier to clean and maintain than residential carpets. This is importance because, since commercial areas tend to be large and wide open, maintenance can be time-consuming.

Although hardwood isn’t durable enough for most commercial settings, you can certainly get similar looks with commercial vinyl flooring. Commercial vinyl has a strong top layer to resist scratches and scuffs, and it also will handle moisture. Linoleum flooring is another popular choice in commercial settings, especially in retail stores. Linoleum can handle heavy foot traffic, it resists spills and stains, and it can be easily cleaned with a wet mop.

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