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Top 6 Hardwood Trends for 2018

A lot is going on in the wood flooring industry right now. We know that trends seem to come and go, but here are the top 6 hardwood flooring trends for 2018 that will be well worth the investment!

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Darker the Better

Dark floors are the boldest flooring statement of 2018. Not only are they beautiful, but dark wood floors also bring forth an upscale contemporary style that is easy to decorate around. Deep shades like walnut, espresso, Jacobean and ebony are all wonderful contrasting colors against the current trend for light blonde or white cabinetry.

Keep it Cool

Ultra-light hardwoods such as bamboo, maple and birch are on the rise as well in 2018. Cooler tone floors are quick to coordinate with dark contrasting walls or furniture and easy to keep looking clean. Light and dark grays are also staying strong this year. Gray flooring is a wonderful way to have a room feeling relaxed with a beachy vibe.

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Rustic Chic

Reach the relax and rustic aesthetic by using wire brushing to style your flooring. Not only is this look stylish and trendy, but it also helps hide dust and dirt! Wire brushing is an excellent way to pull the soft grain out of the growth ring allowing the wood’s heart to expose it on the beautiful surface. This unique handcrafted craftsman style leaves no two planks looking alike.

Matte Finish

The finish of your wood will determine the overall outlook of your beautiful flooring. High gloss finishes are a thing of the past! This year’s trend has a satin or matte finish on your hardwood floors. Not only is it a subtle way to accentuate the natural look of your wood, but it also will keep your space looking cleaner with less effort.

Wide Variety

We’ve talked about color, texture and finish, but what about size? The size of your hardwood floor is important as well. There’s been an enormous change in the past couple of years of people switching from standard identical plank strip flooring to a wider and more mixed plank sizes. They’ve also been saving money by using reclaimed wide and different wooden planks from barns, houses and other old buildings. Having broader and longer planks give a much larger and grander feeling to any room.

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Lovely Layout

Kick your flooring up a notch by incorporating either chevron or herringbone pattern into the design! Geometric hardwood layout designs are resurging again with contrasting wood colors placed in a beautiful square, herringbone or chevron shape. Use the herringbone or chevron to guide your guest’s eyes in the direction you desire or lay them down diagonally throughout the room!

2018 is all about taking an idea and making it completely your own. Whether if you’re looking for a rustic, dark wood, satin glossed, herringbone layout or if you’re more interested in a clean light gray beachy vibe with wide planks, your possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact Hicks Carpet One in San Antonio today to receive a free in-home estimate on your dream flooring today!