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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in San Antonio

Carpet is known for its ability to transform your space and there’s really nothing quite like it. Comforting, calming, and welcoming carpet is the perfect way to upgrade your room and add lasting warmth.



At Hicks Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home of San Antonio, TX, we have a passion for perfect floors and our carpet collection is the area’s finest. Our carpet experts can guide you throughout your flooring journey and help find the best carpet for your space, budget, and needs.


Best Types of Carpet

What’s the best type of carpet? There is truly no wrong answer.


Carpet comes in various styles, including level loop, pattered, texture, plush, and frieze.


  • Level loop carpets super sturdy and can hid everyday footprints and stains. These rugs have looped and uncut fibers of different lengths.
  • Pattern carpets are perfect for busy spaces. They have a mixture of high tufts and low loops that form fancy designs and patterns. Pattern carpet is very durable.
  • Frieze carpet has long, shaggy twists that bring amazing texture and hides all types of debris and footprints.
  • Plush is incredibly soft and is a luxurious addition to quiet, formal rooms. It is made for looks rather than functions, so it isn’t a great pick for a kids’ room or family room.
  • Texture carpet has tight, kinky fibers that can hold up to all types of wear and tear. These carpets also reduce light reflection.  

What is Carpet Pile?

Carpet is made from fibers, which we often call “carpet pile.”  Carpet pile can be made frow a wide range of materials, so it’s important to pay serious attention.


Your carpet pile is the main way to figure out how your new carpet will perform at home or at work.  Carpet pile can be either synthetic or naturally sourced.


  • Nylon is a popular synthetic pile that lasts forever. This premium carpet is made to perform and is seriously soft. It can be treated to resist the worst types of stains, too.
  • Polyester is a less expensive synthetic pile that was once seen as an inferior alternative to nylon. New ways of making polyester carpet have greatly changed this, and today there are polyester carpets on par with nylon’s strength.
  • Olefin/polypropylene carpet stands out for its eye-popping patterns. Olefin is a synthetic carpet that fares best in formal, quieter spaces like the living room. It’s not intended for heavy use and is made for looks rather than function.  
  • Wool carpet pile that’s naturally sourced, making it extremely eco-friendly. Wool carpets are soft, colorful, sturdy, and enduring. They’re wonderful insulation, as they keep your air conditioning and heat where it belongs, while trapping allergens.  
  • Triexta is a seriously stain resistant synthetic carpet pile that never needs to be pre-treated. Its often compared to nylon in terms of durability.  

How to Choose the Best Carpet for You

Each carpet type looks, feels, and performs very differently.


As you navigate your carpet options, now is the time to ask the tougher questions:


  • What’s your signature style?
  • Do you have pets or kids at home?
  • Do you need moisture and stain resistance?
  • Do you host a lot of family gatherings at home?
  • Are you a pattern person, or do you solely prefer solids and neutrals?


Allow our onsite flooring experts to guide your way.


Where Can I Install New Carpet?

Nowadays there are carpet options for nearly any indoor space, with only a couple of exceptions.

Low traffic, moisture-free rooms tend to be ideal carpet habitat, with many exceptions. With the recent introduction of resilient, stain-resistant carpet options, carpet can now be enjoyed in children’s rooms, playrooms, and even in the hallway or on stairs.  


Commercial carpet is perfect for all sorts of business settings, including offices, retail stores, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, hotels, and rental properties.


Still, carpet is best avoided in the kitchen or bathroom.


Can I Install My Own Carpet?

For most of us, it’s a terrible idea.


Carpet installation is a talent that our professionals spend their entire careers getting the hang of. It involves hours and hours of hard work, perfect measurements and cutting, and special tools most of us don’t have handy.


Professional carpet installation is recommended, regardless of which carpet option you prefer. Many product warranties require profession installs as a coverage condition, not to mention an incorrectly installed carpet will likely wear out before its time!


Shop for Carpet Near You in San Antonio, Texas

Hicks Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home is your locally owned and operated carpet store. As members of Carpet One, the world’s leading independent flooring cooperative, we carry the best carpet brands, colors, patterns, designs, and types at incredible value.



Shop us first and last: you’ll love the local advantage.


To learn more about our carpet selection and our area rugs, please visit our local showroom soon at 9901 Broadway, Suite 109, San Antonio, TX.

Time to Replace Your Carpet?

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Bedroom with bed and window, grey carpeted floor

Best Patterned Carpet

Cut-loop carpet is a wonderful way to add patterns, textures, and added durability to all types of rooms.
Living room with brown chair, ottoman, and dresser with beige carpet
Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

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