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Hardwood Flooring in San Antonio, TX

Think you can’t enjoy hardwood flooring in your home? Thank again: today’s hardwood flooring options bring selections suitable for various surroundings, fulfilling every style craving. At Hicks Carpet One Floor & Home in San Antonio, we have a passion for hardwood flooring. Here, you’ll find all the latest in solid and engineered hardwood products, along with your favorite flooring brands.

Is There Hardwood Flooring For My Unique Style?

Right now, your hardwood flooring options are limitless. There are traditional classics as well as trendy new textures.

Browse a wide range of:






There are heavily weathered, vintage-inspired designs, as well as sleek, modern, and glossy ones.


What Kind of Wood Is Used In Hardwood Flooring?

The trees of the world's forest source distinct and diverse hardwood offerings, both traditional and exotic.


We provide:





One rule of thumb: each hardwood species is unique in terms of abilities and hardness levels. Let our experts recommend your smartest options based on your style, lifestyle, and budget.


What’s the Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood Floors?


Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring appear the same, but don’t be fooled. Under the surface, these two are quite distinct.


Solid hardwood is the original form of this flooring favorite, with each plank carved from a single hardwood hulk. Your solid hardwood floor can be refinished over again, but solid floors aren’t suitable for all spaces. It fares best in carefully climate-controlled spaces that stay dry.


Engineered hardwood, a more recent innovation, is crafted in densely compressed layers. More durable than its solid counterpart, engineered hardwood floors are compatible with a fair degree of moisture and can be installed below grade.


Where Can I Install A Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood flooring isn't advised in kitchens or bathrooms, but there are options suitable for every other interior setting.  Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed below grade: yes, even in finished basements. Our experts also recommend using engineered hardwood products if you have pets or small children at home. Solid hardwood is best reserved for rooms that are quiet, dry, and aren’t prone to constant foot traffic.


Come Browse Our Hardwood Floor Selection

Hicks Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be an independently owned and operated member of the world's largest flooring cooperative. To learn more about hardwood flooring or browse our latest products, please visit us soon at 9901 Broadway, Suite 109 in San Antonio, TX. You can also shop our hardwood online




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Caring for Hardwood Flooring

Having hardwood floors requires consistent commitment,

but don’t let that deter you from your designer dreams.

Here are effortless tips for proper hardwood upkeep.